Open-enrollment facilitated

Open-enrollment facilitated

[Type]              Facilitator-Led

[Delivery]        Asynchronous

[Timeline]        Coordinated with clusters of learners

[Hours]            12 Continuing Education Hours

[Cost]               $445

[Availability] Clusters of 10 or more


Open-Enrollment Facilitated
$ 445
  • Per Person + available bundles

Bundle and Save!

Enroll in:

Coaching support, video chat service starting at +$355

  • A little help
  • A lot of help

Leadership guidance, online service starting at +$755

  • Online virtual DIY
  • Online build up virtual DIY

Coaching Support, Video Chat Service

A little help: $355 for up to one hour of face-to-face video chat (can be broken in to 2 scheduled sessions)

For people who are looking to gain insights or clarity on how the content will assist in sustainable change and impact.

This service includes face-to-face video chat providing:

  • interpretation advice
  • Live, on the spot coaching

A lot of help: $755 for 3 hours (can be broken into multiple scheduled sessions)*

For people who need the maximum amount of direction and accountability for assurance of successful outcomes.

This service includes face-to-face video chat providing:

  • Session to assess bridges and/or barriers
  • Session to problem solve viable outcomes
  • 30 minutes of time used for creating an action plan
  • Check in session during “action to practice”
  • Follow up session to assess/adjust outcomes

*if additional hours are needed, they will be added on for $175 for a half hour or $90 for fifteen minutes.

For details or questions, email, or click below to bundle up.

Leadership Guidance, Online Service

Requires six or more registrations within the group.

Online virtual DIY. Starting at +$845 for email correspondence at the beginning and end of the experience, a complete set of instructions for guidance, and suggested talking points scripted. When considering this bundle, check out the Online Service DIY FAQ.

Q: What do I get when I sign up for the Leadership Guidance, Virtual DIY?

A: You will receive two email correspondences, one at the beginning and another at the end of the experience.

  • Beginning email correspondence with an expert. Analysis and interpretation of equity consciousness assessment results with suggested opportunities for change practices to integrate within the experience content.
  • Ending email correspondence with an expert. Synthesis of growth themes and additional opportunities for next steps.
  • An accompanying PDF with (1) guidance on key connecting points within each of the six week’s content and (2) talking points in a script format.

Q: I want to lead my group’s experience but it feels overwhelming.

A: The great thing about DIY is that you can take it at your own pace. One step at a time. You will have resources to guide you and the beginning and ending support from an expert to anchor your leadership skills.

Q: What’s the difference between the Online Virtual DIY and the Online Build Up Virtual DIY?

A: There are a few differences between the two DIY services for leadership guidance: availability of an expert, format of expert interactions, and details to scaffold within the PDF guidance.

Leadership guidance, Online build up virtual DIY service

Online Build Up virtual DIY. Starting at + $1,500 for a more customized build-out DIY package for people who are wanting to lead their group’s experience but need a little more.

  • Everything from the Online virtual DIY is included plus the option for an additional correspondence personalized to your needs.
  • The beginning, additional, and ending correspondences can now take place through face-to-face video sessions.
  • The accompanying PDF will build upon the key connecting points and talking points while providing related communication scripts (conversation or email) for between sessions
  • An outline challenge to offer a fun approach to accountability of the session content and ‘tween work.

For details or questions, email, or click below to bundle up.

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