Coaching Support, Video Chat Service

A little help: $355 for up to one hour of face-to-face video chat (can be broken in to 2 scheduled sessions) For people who are looking to gain insights or clarity on how the content will assist in sustainable change and impact. This service includes face-to-face video chat providing:
  • interpretation advice
  • Live, on the spot coaching
A lot of help: $755 for 3 hours (can be broken into multiple scheduled sessions)* For people who need the maximum amount of direction and accountability for assurance of successful outcomes. This service includes face-to-face video chat providing:
  • Session to assess bridges and/or barriers
  • Session to problem solve viable outcomes
  • 30 minutes of time used for creating an action plan
  • Check in session during “action to practice”
  • Follow up session to assess/adjust outcomes
*if additional hours are needed, they will be added on for $175 for a half hour or $90 for fifteen minutes. For details or questions, email


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