Equity Consciousness Services

Systematic equity edits are all about equity consciousness. This six-part study on equity edits is a start of a lifelong mind shift. Why edits? Because we believe people have it within them to do better when they know better. Sometimes we just need a little editing – correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying to do so.

1 Assessment access
hours: 12

  • Recommended for adult learners of all ages and stages.
  • Format can be personalized with the variety of offerings.
  • Key Benefit: Self-reflection in a multi-dimensional way for true change to occur.
  • Key Focus: Improve the way you see diversity.

What to expect

  • Completion of the initial assessment within 48 hours.
  • Freedom in how, what, when and where you experience the content.
  • Self-pacing with accountability only to yourself.
  • Perfect for those who are intrinsically motivated and don’t need that extra nudge.
  • Six online learning experiences which at different times may contain videos, resources, ‘tween experience application and/or discussions.
  • Direct interaction and feedback from your facilitator and the opportunity to build a learning community with your peers through interactions.
  • Loads of options and choices – it’s the only way we do things.
    • Actively engage with the content, when applicable peers, and your facilitator.
    • Dedicate two hours per determined time period (usually a week, could be a month). One hour for interactions with the learning community and another to complete any ‘tween experience application and/or discussions.
    • Flexibility and open-mindedness.

    “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

    - Dalai Lama

    Spiritual leader, political leader
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