Leadership Guidance, Online Service

Requires six or more registrations within the group. Online virtual DIY. Starting at +$845 for email correspondence at the beginning and end of the experience, a complete set of instructions for guidance, and suggested talking points scripted. When considering this bundle, check out the Online Service DIY FAQ. Q: What do I get when I sign up for the Leadership Guidance, Virtual DIY? A: You will receive two email correspondences, one at the beginning and another at the end of the experience.
  • Beginning email correspondence with an expert. Analysis and interpretation of equity consciousness assessment results with suggested opportunities for change practices to integrate within the experience content.
  • Ending email correspondence with an expert. Synthesis of growth themes and additional opportunities for next steps.
  • An accompanying PDF with (1) guidance on key connecting points within each of the six week’s content and (2) talking points in a script format.
Q: I want to lead my group’s experience but it feels overwhelming. A: The great thing about DIY is that you can take it at your own pace. One step at a time. You will have resources to guide you and the beginning and ending support from an expert to anchor your leadership skills. Q: What’s the difference between the Online Virtual DIY and the Online Build Up Virtual DIY? A: There are a few differences between the two DIY services for leadership guidance: availability of an expert, format of expert interactions, and details to scaffold within the PDF guidance. Online Build Up virtual DIY. Starting at + $1,500 for a more customized build-out DIY package for people who are wanting to lead their group’s experience but need a little more.
  • Everything from the Online virtual DIY is included plus the option for an additional correspondence personalized to your needs.
  • The beginning, additional, and ending correspondences can now take place through face-to-face video sessions.
  • The accompanying PDF will build upon the key connecting points and talking points while providing related communication scripts (conversation or email) for between sessions.
  • An outline challenge to offer a fun approach to accountability of the session content and ‘tween work.
For details or questions, email services@seethingsdifferently.org


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