Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I proceed when paying with a purchase order?

A: If paying by purchase order, please send an email to and we will get you registered.


Q: How does a self-facilitated/self-paced experience work?

A: When selecting the Flexible Pacing option, there is no strict schedule or timeline to follow. The initial assessment will be completed within 48 hours of receipt. You can engage with the materials as quickly or as leisurely as you like based on your schedule. All of the experience materials will be sent to you at the time of purchase and after that, it’s up to you! 


Q: My group size is larger than 250 people, is there group pricing available?

A: Yes! Reach out to with the desired service and your group size and we’ll get take care of you. 


Q: What happens after I register?

A: Your electronic materials will be available for you to download and begin at your own pace.


Q: What happens after I register as a group?

A: We will be in touch with each group member within 48 hours to provide instructions on how to access the materials. In a time crunch? No worries! Just send an email to


Q: What is the difference between a Flexible Pacing option and Open-enrollment Facilitated option?

A: Once, the initial assessment is completed within the first 48 hours, a flexible pacing experience doesn’t have a schedule or timeline to follow. You can engage in the experience as quickly or leisurely as you like based on your desires. All of the experience content is available at your fingertips from the time of purchase.

A facilitated experience is a facilitator-led experience that takes place with a cluster of people over a set period of time. Each week people complete content and/or engage in discussion. People will receive feedback along the way from an expert facilitator. Additionally, people will have the opportunity to engage with other people in the cluster – offering opportunity to connect with varying individuals from around the globe.


Q: What is the virtual chat option?

A: If you’d like the benefits of a self-paced experience but would also like to ensure you are headed in the right direction in taking the learning into action, you can bundle a virtual chat option and an expert will provide insight to support successful transfer to practice. When you register, sign up for “Bundle and save! Virtual Chat Option.” You can also add on a virtual chat option at any time by reaching out to


Q: Where can I learn about more services?

A: Keep checking back to the services page or contact us any time.


Q: I still have questions. Who do I contact?

A: Contact us any time at You will receive a response within a few days.

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